The human aspects of CSS

Aga Naplocha & Marta Sztybor Aga Naplocha & Marta Sztybor

đź—“ This talk will start at 12:00

Paraphrasing the Michael Jackson’s song - do you remember the time when you fell in love ...with CSS? Or the your success after a tough battle with the CSS code? Are you still as excited every time you code? Have you ever tried explaining to a laic how CSS works?

These are the questions which often aren’t raised, but we’re here to take you on a sentimental journey! As founders and mentors of non-profit CSS workshops for beginners, we want to share our own experiences. After many hours spent on teaching a very diverse group, we discovered new aspects of our work and started to perceive CSS differently. The exciting fact is that CSS has proven to be a great tool for gathering designers and developers around one table, seriously!

We would like to share our findings with you by giving examples and tips how you can maintain this kind of fresh energy and open mind. With our own example, we will show how openness is important for newcomers, especially from the experts. Inspiration guaranteed & true stories included!

About Aga & Marta

Marta Sztybor is a front-end developer. She loves taking long trips on a bicycle and can’t imagine the world without books.

Aga Naplocha is a designer and a front-end coder at Adobe. She loves eating and can't imagine the world without chocolate ice cream.

Aga and Marta are the founders of The Awwwesomes – a non-profit organization teaching how to do awwwesome things on the Web, currently organizing coding (HTML & CSS) workshops in Warsaw, Poland.