Debugger for developers

Denys Mishunov intensely talking at a conference Denys Mishunov

🗓 This talk will start at 10:00

debugger; is not simply a command, known to any javascript developer. It’s an opportunity to stop and take a look around to understand what bugs we have. In this talk we will set debugger not on our code but on ourselves to see what bugs most of us fight in our day-to-day developer lives.

About Denys

Denys is a frontend developer & public speaker living and working in Norway. Being 2-in-1: an art school graduate and an engineer, Denys is passionate about psychology, physics, history, drawing. In his day-to-day job he enjoys getting to the heart of the matter of things and processes. Originally on “CSS side”, for the last years Denys has been building javascript applications, still breaking CSS, abusing HTML and working with performance optimisations of pretty much all aspects of the fronted toolset.