The <svg> of .svg

Sara Soueidan intensely talking at a conference Sara Soueidan

🗓 This talk will start at 10:40

Scalable Vector Graphics, or Documents? Both. SVG may be known more as an image format, perfect for displaying icons and illustrations, including animated ones. But there are other aspects of SVG that make it as powerful as it is, and those aspects stem from its nature as a document format, as well as its graphical nature. In this talk, Sara is going to highlight some SVG's document side and show you how it can be leveraged to improve and optimize the way we deliver content such as text and images for the Web, including SVG itself.

About Sara

Sara Soueidan is a Lebanese freelance front-end web developer working with companies across the globe, building clean, responsive front-ends for Web sites and applications focused on accessibility, progressive enhancement and performance. She also runs workshops on front-end development and writes technical articles on her blog and for various big publications. Sara wrote the Codrops CSS Reference, co-authored the Smashing Book 5, and has been voted the Developer of the Year in the 2015 net awards.